December 14, 2015

EPS hospital RFID Wristband

EPS hospital RFID Wristband

In addition to the mentioned applications of RFID products, wristbands can also be applied to many other aspects of the hospital, e.g. on maternal and child identification.

Advantages of RFID wristband in the hospital: Doctor or nurse can help patients in case of communication difficulties e.g. for identity confirmation; Monitoring, tracking unauthorized access wandering the area; In the event of medical emergency, epidemics, terrorist threats and other circumstances, RFID can contribute to the implementation of restrictions to prevent unauthorized medical staff and patients outside the hospital and RFID Wristbands allow hospital administrator to encrypt some data in case the wristband is lost, it can’t be deciphered.

Our company and EPS hospital of Italy came to an agreement, conclude and sign an order that our company as a long-term supplier of making hospital RFID Wristband tag.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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