June 11, 2021

Dragon Boat Festival Notice from CXJ RFID Factory

Dear CXJ Customers,

Here to notice you that CXJ RFID Factory will have three days off to celebrate Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, start from 12th-14th June 2021, will back to office on 15th June.

If you have any RFID request during the day, you may also feel free to contact us by:
Email: | Mob/WhatsApp: +86 135 1027 1993 | Skype: chen.fangqun

The Dragon Boat Festival was originally a summer festival to drive away the gods of plague and sacrifice to the dragon. Later, people took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. And we have customs such as “Stealing Dragon Boat” and “Eating Zongzi”.


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