August 18, 2016

Do You Know The NFC Tag Application In Our Life


NFC has entered into our life everywhere, but do you know the NFC tag application really? With unlimited possibilities and customization options NFC Tags can overwhelm users. For example, if you regularly need to set an hour-long timer when you do your laundry, you can program an NFC tag to start an hour-long timer and place it next to your laundry machine. If you regularly pair your phone with a Bluetooth keyboard , you could affix an NFC tag to the back of the keyboard and tap your phone against it to automatically go through the Bluetooth pairing process. Or, you can set up a tag with your Wi-Fi details, and guests can just tap their phones against the NFC tag application to connect to your Wi-Fi network without locating it and entering a passcode. Apple’s iPhone 6 does have NFC hardware, but apps can’t use it — it’s currently just for Apple Pay.

I have a NFC sticker on the inside of my car that I tap my phone on to turn on bluetooth, set the brightness high, launch Waze and Google Play Music, set the media volume to high and turn off wifi so the music goes through my cell phone data to use Tmobile’s Music Freedom. Just because you prefer to use coordinates didn’t mean using NFC is useless or the wrong way to do it. The way you’ve acted in this thread has been ridiculous, all because NFC is not your preferred way of doing this task. I also understand what NFC means and it’s limitations, it still doesn’t make it useless.

After a couple of years of bubbling under the surface, near field communication technology – or NFC as it’s known to its close friends – is set to go big. If you thought NFC was only about buying a latte with your phone in a cafe that offers contactless payment terminals, think again, because it can be used for so much more. Once the sole preserve of super-geeky mobiles like the Google Nexus S by Samsung , NFC is slowly but surely finding its way into more and more devices. For the tricks we’re going to show you in this guide, you’ll also need a set of unformatted NFC tag application.

Obviously, you’re going to need an Android phone that has a NFC chip inside it. Available models include the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus , HTC One X, Sony Xperia S and some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 It’s highly likely that the Galaxy S3 will sport NFC capability when it launches. Although they require no power source, they’re able to use the NFC tech to draw a small amount of juice from your phone, thereby passing on information that can be interpreted by the chip inside your device. Just stick NFC tags to your fridge or on the back side of your TV remote control.

You won’t have to toggle a single setting manually – NFC Task Launcher reads the tag and executes all of the tasks you’ve created instantly. However, owners of the Galaxy Nexus may encounter an error message at this stage as Android version 4.0.3 has a bug that prevents the NFC chip in the phone from writing to unformatted tags. While this is true to a degree, NFC tags are instantaneous and offer a greater level of control.

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