May 27, 2019

Do you know how to apply Library RFID tags to make your services simple?

Library RFID Tags gives you a simple operation!

Lily is a library owner, because she likes reading, so she opened her own library. But as more and more people read and borrowed books from her library, a series of problems emerged.

Because the variety of books and the huge number. Lily is troubled by various phenomena, such as quick borrowing and turnover. Which made her feel very tired! So how should lily solve these problems?

How to use Library RFID tags Management System to help Lily?


We just need to put an custom library RFID tags on every book in lily’s library. Install an RFID detector at the exit of the library. When someone leaves the library with an unchecked book with an RFID tag, the RFID checker will sound an alarm. Of course, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to avoid the alert, because you can still track the book and put it back in its place.

How to use RFID technology to make services simpler?

When you enter the library, you can search for books in the self-service device. Borrowing books are self-service. All you need to do is put the books in front of the self-service machine, and put on the “RFID One-Card”. The machine will scan it automatically and then print out the receipt.

What are the other advantages of library RFID tags?

UHF RFID library label can be unlimited number of new, modify and delete the stored data in its label. It can be used repeatedly, more durable than paper or plastic labels. Small volume, Can be hidden in various items.

RFID library label reading are password protected, and high safety. RFID also has the wireless real-time transmission data characteristic. Also can quickly read multiple RFID library tags at the same time.

In this way, it can achieve the reader to borrow and return books, and other convenient and quick operation as long as Lily apply RFID management technology. So Lily not only can make quick, efficient and accurate inventory, but also save more time to do things what she likes. At the same time, improve the service quality of the library.

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