October 18, 2016

Do we need an RFID protection for credit card?

RFID protection for credit card

I don’t know what the RFID technology might be called but my Canada credit cards have a chip and are also able to make payments with a “tap”. The symbol on the card is like the WiFi symbol.

I suspect that this information can be scanned by someone with the right equipment. So, yes,we need an RFID protection for credit card.

For convenience when paying you will want to have the card with the chip. Checkouts go much faster. If you have not set up the card to have a PIN, then they will print a receipt for you to sign in most cases.

As has been said above a chip and pin card is different from an RFID/contact less card.

Whilst the remote stealing of data/money from a contactless card is possible it is highly, highly unlikely to the extent that it really isn’t worth worrying about. It simply isn’t worth the effort of an average crook.

If you feel better wrapping your cards in foil do it, it will do no harm ( in a similar way that wearing a foil hat to stop them reading your thoughts will do no harm! ) Buying a special wallet is just a waste of money unless you need a new wallet.

It never fails that these issues generate lots of confusion, even amongst some seasoned travelers.
RFID is a completely separate payment system that works without direct contact to the card reader. As a few have noted, transit cards, employee ID cards, passports and some credit cards use this system. But is has NOTHING to do with the much-talked-about EMV chip credit cards and the one that Brenda mentions in her OP. A chip and PIN or chip and signature card must be inserted into a reader so it can make contact with the chip itself.

This opinions are get from the questionaire, so our suggests is depend on your requirements, have an RFID protection for credit card, you will be more safer.

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