June 29, 2017

Did you noticed these clothing new RFID function details?

Clothing New RFID Function Details – Clothes RFID Tag

After the Clothes RFID Tag to be activated,the manufacturer can tracking the flow start from clothes out from store; for example:it can read the clothes to be try how many times,finally where the clothes sale to,these RFID tags can help manufacturer collect the big data,but for customers there are still worry about it: there is a tracker on the clothes,are the privacy will be divulge? Does it have radiation?……


clothing new rfid function details

clothing new rfid function details

     There is a pattern same like WIFI on RFID tag,it have chip inside,

              the background can use it collect a large data.


There is a thick label on the new clothes

Ms.Wang bought a Shanghai brand lady cloth on internet,she said: too many cloth label,except introduce the size and quality label,and now the manufacturer add a new thick label again.After she realized,this brand insertion the ”RFID tag” on clothes from last year, It can proceed wireless communication,also can read where the clothes going.”After she know this circumstance,she will cut the label first for every new cloth,otherwise the manufacturer will know every place where I go,she is afraid of this.”

The hard tag as Ms.Wang said,it is the latest application in clothing industry,because the label has a chip inside,so it feel little bit hard.the terminology of the label is”RFID”(the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification),Use of non-contact type automatic identification technology,it can through the RFID automatically recognition target object and obtain the relevant data without staff operations.According to introduce,this technology already extensive use for medical treatment,aviation,retail industry and library etc management territory,and into the clothing industry in those two years.



Women’s brand introduction of RFID tags

Since last year,many brands clothing introduced of this technology.

After adding the RFID tag on the clothes,the trajectory of this dress from the production to the customer will be able to record all the data.start from this August,the company will be implanted a FPC Micro RFID tag Chip in each new product,each cloth corresponds sole standard code.In the brand’s experience store,how many times the clothes to be pick up by customer,and how many times out of fitting room,those all can be track.At the same time,when the customer take a clothing to fitting room,the background equipment can read the chip information of the clothing,also can show the clothing picture on viewing screen,and online item describe,the comments from buyer and other detail,and customers can call the sales through the screen.



Are the privacy will be divulge?Does it have radiation?

For manufacturer the PFC Micro RFID tag can help them to get the large sales data,easy to do business,but for consumer they still have a lot of questions.

Ms.Wang worry about the whereabouts will be divulge,and Mr.Lin worry more about the radiation!

Before the RFID tag fails,through the dedicated reader device can collect clothing information,including the clothing from production to sales of the logistics trajectory,A clothes from the display to take rate,fitting rate,turnover rate and so on,easy to do data analysis for branding business,provide the decision-making basis for design,production,and marketing.”After the cloth sale out,in general,consumer will cut off the label before wearing;on the other hand,even though consumer didn’t cut off the label,after washing many times,the label also will be invalid,so consumer no need to worry about the label will always trace your privacy.”

About Radiation:the garment uses passive RFID tag,no battery,will not take the initiative to launch any signal,it without any radiation under non-working state.


Example of Case:

Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios has deployed ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID for they are based solutions,in the global they have 45 stores already realization all-round channel sales.the installation was held in 12 countries,and was introduced in February 2017 after the launch of three months.With the technology provided by Nedap Retail, Acne Studios can ensures the inventory accuracy of they are all stores,thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of selling products through the full channel.

clothing new rfid function details

clothing new rfid function details


Through this way, Acne company knows which product they have it now,where the item located,when they can go through the store closest to the customer to achieve each omnidirectional channel to buy. Once the minimum inventory quantity is reached, Acne’s software can be replenished at any time.


The RFID tags application will become a trend

In the range of daily necessities,the RFID tags application will be more and more widely,which is easy to industrial products from the source to the end of the tracking,it is more convenient for the product context management.For business,they can be more familiar with the consumer’s taste of consumption, thus help manufacturer can producing more suitable products for consumer. With the development of the internet and economy,this application will become more and more common. It is good for the development of the whole society.


Well guys, Hope the news can help your business, thanks for taking time for the article. let’s looking forward of next time what we’ll know!

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