August 31, 2016

Custom RFID Tag From Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co.,Ltd.

custom RFID tag

The vast majority of toll-collection systems currently in use employ active radio frequency identification technology, because active tags broadcast a signal that can be picked up by a reader antenna better than 99.9 percent of the time. When custom RFID tag our customer service team will contact you to get your encoding file. The RFID windshield label is a convenient and easy-to-use label that can be easily applied on the inside of glass surfaces via its strong adhesive. The read range and efficiency of reading the RFID windshield label make it the perfect solution for managing vehicles that are part of a fleet or other asset management program. All Smart MARK UHF RFID tag and label can be field encoded with the Smart CAT reader and (included) RFID tag encoder app. Between each cycle, it was air cooled to room temperature and read with an RFID reader.

For custom RFID tag just select the option depending on quantity of tags you need and follow the ordering instructions. Tag performance was measured free of material influence, on a dry wood slab, standard window glass, and standard thermoplastic. Actual read ranges may differ depending on conditions such as environment, tag placements, hardware, etc.

The near field communications (NFC) system, dubbed Viatag , consists of 0.5 inch by 4-inch RFID windshield tags, parking lot transceivers that read tags, and a central database. The windshield tag signals the parking transceiver as you’re entering and exiting a parking lot. With an RFID tag that talked to parking meters on your windshield, you wouldn’t even have to notice that there’s a meter in order to be paid up.

This feature make this tag the perfect product for access control applications where security is a high priority. Lowry Solutions is positioned at the forefront of RFID tags and labels technology with nearly many years’ experience in the label conversion process and investment in the best technology for manufacturing high quality RFID tags & labels in a variety of stock and custom configurations. Successful RFID implementations require the right mix of media, RFID tag technology, printer/encoders, and readers in order to address the specific needs of the user, application, and environment.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co, Ltd. found in year 1999, which is a collection of design, produce, sales for the integration of pvc card company. Our company have strong capacity of PVC cards, such as magnetic stripe card, membership card, gifts card, luggage tag, etc. We have 3 modern production line with monthly output 40,000,000 pcs PVC card. RFID end product production line with monthly output of 8,000,000 smart card and 6,000,000 RFID tag. We can offer customer professional services and high quality welcome you to contact us with any OEM or interested inquiries. Welcome to custom RFID tag from our company.

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