October 25, 2016

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Contact IC cards

Contact IC cards is short for Integrated Circuit Card, the plastic embedded integrated circuit chips. This applies particularly in light of the fact that a contact assembly of the generic type or according to the invention is itself a very compact part. In this respect, it is possible to particularly efficiently integrate the circuit elements into the contact assembly. Thus, the bond pads for the electronic circuit elements or the chip may be provided in a level above the base level in the stamped grid, and the soldered bond pads for the contact elements may be provided in a subsequent level.

With regard to the more specific integration of the chip into the contact support for the contact assembly, it is possible to extrusion-coat the chip on all sides with the insulating material of the contact support. On the one hand this has manufacturing advantages, since in the ideal situation the chip may be imbedded in the same step used to imbed the contact elements in the holder body. On the other hand, this complete encapsulation of the chip in the insulating material of the contact support provides optimal protection from external influences. The cover 12 could also be designed as a lid hinged to the contact support 11 as is well known in the prior art.

This is usually performed before the chip is imbedded in the insulating material of the contact support, which is typically done when the support body is cast around the contact elements and chip in a mold in which the subassembly formed by these contact elements and the chip are held. A contact assembly 10 for chip cards, in particular for SIN cards as used, for example, in mobile telephones comprises a plastic support body 11 and a normally metallic cover 12 extending over a portion of its surface.

NFC contact IC card stands for near field communications, which enables radio communication between two devices. Shenzhen chuangxinjia smart card co.,ltd manufactures NFC business cards, gift cards, membership cards, access control cards, and fare payment cards. NFC is a sub-type of RFID technology with a much shorter range, typically just a few centimeters, making it a ideal for secure communications.

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