July 22, 2016

Chuangxinjia Won “2012 Alibaba Top 10 Global Net-Entrepreneurs “


On the evening of September 8th,2012,the 9th Entrepreneurs Summit was held ceremoniously inHangzhou, China.Ten of most outstanding e-businessmen from the whole world were seriously
voted by Alibaba. Fortunately, the owner, Wujun of Chuangxinjia Smart Company also becomes
one of ten.

In the face of intense international foreign trade environment today, more and moresmall and
medium-sized enterprises tend to choose e-business style, like alibaba,etc.

So it’s no doubt that selling online would soon become one of the most mainstreams way of
shopping in near future.

The owner of Chuangxinjia company —Wujun, also the president of Shenzhen E-businessmen
Organization has successfully built a team of 142 foreign sales since the financial crisis in 2008. A team of 500 sales is his final goal.He says” financial crisis is not only challenge but also
opportunity for Chuangxinjia company.”

Meanwhile, Wujun never forgets other small net-entrepreneurs brothers even if his own
company has made some achievements; he is also an excellent teacher for these small companies. His course <<how to build an excellent foreign sales team?>> has shared among morethan 5000 owners, which already helps them a lot.

To be a successful entrepreneur like Inamori Kazuo is always his dream.

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