April 26, 2016

Chuangxinjia Nine Anniversary , Grateful To Have You


In April, 2016, Chuangxinjia 9 years old!
Nine years is an integer, memorable. At this moment, the most can express the will of my heart only the word “gratitude”.

Firstly, I want to appreciate our country, appreciate this era.Chuangxinjia nine years, we catch up the fastest and healthiest development in China’s ten years, logical administration and an unprecedented economic boom. Chuangxinjia lucky enough to witness the history of this great change, at the same time acting in engaging the historical process, and on the picture of the Chinese Renaissance added his own a gorgeous.

Secondly, I want to be grateful for our customers. For nine years, the field of our service from professional card production development to fully integrated brand promotion, during met many customers, they made we become better, we not only partners, but also friends, nine years, cooperate with all the way!

Thirdly, I want to be grateful for all employees. Nine years, Chuangxinjia employees in and out of hundreds of people. Each, their own talent devoted to their work, dedicated to our customers. Whether to stay or leave, your dream whether you come true it or not, I think we will have a memory stay at the bottom of my heart, or collection, or aftertaste. To this, I am grateful you forever !

Finally , I want to be grateful for my family, also appreciate myself, by the way. Chuangxinjia 9 years, trials and hardships.In order to survive, in order to develop and can never be slack and neglect the family feel guilty. Only more efforts, action will be returned to family and comfort own!

Tree has rings, enterprises also have their own rings. Chuangxinjia ring is engraved upon our every employee heart memories! Here, together with the employees celebrate Chuangxinjia 9 anniversary, into our Chuangxinjia beautiful rings a meaningful mark! Thank you all!

Chairman: Wu Jun

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