November 10, 2017

Chuangxinjia First Published Unmanned Supermarket Solution

Chuangxinjia First Published Unmanned Supermarket Solution to help “New Retail”

Unmanned Supermarket

2017 is acknowledged as “the first year of new retail” by industry. Alibaba launched “Unmanned Supermarket” in July. It triggers a new retail trends.


1. What is Unmanned Supermarket?

The unmanned supermarket is an upgrade to the traditional convenience store. It reduced artificial, shop rent and location require. The core is “unmanned” operation, “self-support” service. And the development key basis is the efficient use of the Internet of Things Technology.


2. What is our bright spot?

Chuangxinjia as the supplier of RFID products and solution also is no exception.

Recently, our technical Mr.Zhaozhou pushed and explained the whole first Unmanned supermarket solution on our monthly meeting.

There is two bright spot Chuangxinjia added in this Unmanned supermarket solution:

  1. It effectively to prevent theft phenomenon, also increased user experience and operational rationality.
  2. It is effectively to prevent the corrupt practice of after blackouts direct limit consumers cannot go out.

unmanned supermarket

As UHF RFID products and solution supplier of this Unmanned supermarket, we provide RFID products and related bundled software use for goods management, into the shop, payment, check-out and other links.


3. What’s problem we meet?

Of cause, we meet some problems in the field investigation and test. Such as the collection rate of settlement goods in settlement area; and the signal shielding problem of settlement aisle etc. After our technician follows up and constantly test  on-site, these problems are solved!

unmanned supermarket

unmanned supermarket

We combined anti-theft and settlement check function. After consumers finished goods choose and payment, the system can be automatically non-inductive check whether the customer’s payment behavior. When the entrance guard system induction to all your goods pay for success, the gate will automatically open. It achieved quick shopping experience. It eliminates “anti-theft” and “settlement” this two big “pain points” for most customers who wanna try the new retail.


unmanned supermarket

4. Chuangxinjia RFID technology help “New Retail” to development

Chuangxinjia first published Unmanned supermarket solution. To help customers offline shopping, online payment, without salesperson. You need only a mobile phone, you can feel easy, convenient and quick shopping experience. Successfully launched new retail campaigns.

unmanned supermarket

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