August 16, 2016

Brilliant Use Of NFC Tag

use of NFC tag

NFC a.k.a Near Field Communication is a technology use to share data between two NFC supported devices, preferable kept at the distance of 4 cm or less. NFC work on certain radio signals which means it will have certain standard like it’s operation frequency is 13.56 MHz and work only at distance of 4 cm or less. Data transfer is also quite ranging from 100-400 Kb/s which is extremely slow if you are transferring data but quite fast if you transferring information like links , making payment or using NFC tags etc. Let say you need a NFC tags for your business card which will contain your photo, links to your website, social media and contact info. This need large space and 48 bit NFC chip may not be enough and if you end buying them in bulk, then it will go waste.

Like in the above case I would suggest you to go with Mifare classic 1k or type 3/4 NFC tags. As of now NFC Tags are only available on online store and since they are quite cheap (1- 2$), you will have to order them in bulk. To understand these feature, First you will have to understand the types of NFC Tags. These are the most common NFC tags, similar to type 1 they can read and write many times. Mifare classic 1k is most popular NFC tags due to it’s quality of high memory space.

And for this purpose they will have to go outside the protocols set by NFC-forum but they make sure that this tag (Mifare classic 1k) is compatible with all NFC phones hardware. This tag work flawless and become very popular until Samsung galaxy S4 was released which has broadcom NFC hardware. Any tag which follow NFC-forum guidelines will work on every NFC enable devices. Specially if you are buying NFC tags which would be others like smart posters and business cards then stick to tags which follows the NFC-forum protocols. Persuade your friends that the new charger works for any phone that has NFC built-in.

I am going to give you a short list of some fun things to use NFC for, but first a few things it is already used for. My personal favorite idea is to have it play the alarm sound every time the phone is placed on the tag, as this works with every phone with NFC enabled. I do hope however, that this shed some light on the benefits of use of CXJ NFC tag technology and how you can have some fun.

It was suggested that you get a broken cordless charger and stick a black NFC sticker on it. Then you program the sticker to set off the alarm on the phone. You could just as easily give your friend a kickstand for their phone, but include an NFC tag that opens an embarrassing website when it touches the phone.

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