March 28, 2018

Be careful when the hospital without disposable RFID wristbands for your baby

1、Whats the problem are you facing now?

Most of obstetrics and gynecology hospital generally uses flag ring for mother and baby when the baby born, in order to identify the mother and baby. But this flag ring is pure physical medium, it easy to change. Now the hospital has management system, they won’t allow visit families casually into the baby room. Even so, it’s hard to do in practical management because of the families eager to visit mother and baby.

How to solve the problems of stolen babies and prevent miscarriage is a technical problem that needs to solved urgent in maternity hospitals.


hospital newborn room


So, according to the hospital actual situation and management inquiry. Use Internet of Things technology designed hospital mother-infant disposable RFID wristbands management system. It will play a major role in the maternal and child identification management, infant theft prevention management, and access rights management of obstetrics and gynecology or women’s and children’s large general hospitals.


disposable RFID wristbands

3、What does this system need?

The system construction involves four parts: disposable RFID wristbands binding and information entry, real-time monitoring platform, system security management, and HIS management system interface.


RFID wristbands management system

4、What can the system do?

  • Disposable RFID wristbands management;

Create exclusive files for newborn and mother RFID wristband tag. These labels use unique numbers that are not repeatable to avoid clues. In order to facilitate visual identification, basic baby information can be pasted on the wristband: parent’s name, date of birth, gender, and nurse’s name.

  • Real-time monitoring: mother-infant interaction; burglar alarm; anti-lock error warning; tag tamper alarm; video linkage.
  • Baby care management;

Check-in and check-out: When the baby needs to leave the ward because of bathing, emergency care and other factors. It needs to be authorized to leave by hand-held terminal or on the PC console. Otherwise the alarm prompts, when automatically returned to the ward time Check-in.

  • Comprehensive Query;

The comprehensive query can provide detailed inquiry of mother and child information, as well as historical record query functions such as alarm events, individual services, nursing records.

  • Personal Service;

By building this system, can provide more infants personalized service.


baby disposable RFID wristbands


mother disposable RFID wristbands

5、Why you need to use this system?

  • Improve the level of information and intelligence management in hospitals, lay a solid foundation for higher and more comprehensive informationization in hospital construction;
  • Preventing patients and infants from being misidentified and receiving wrong treatment;
  • Providing wireless help function for patients and improving the level of humanized medical services;
  • Help doctors or nurses to confirm the identity of infants with similar characteristics and communication difficulties to prevent the phenomenon of misplacement;
  • Monitor and track persons who have gone out of their doors in high-risk areas without permission to prevent unnecessary accidents;
  • Through anti-demolition of labels, uniqueness of ID numbers and maternal-infant matching measures to prevent malicious exchanges and the occurrence of baby-thieves;
  • Provide more newborn baby-related personality services for the hospital.

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