April 14, 2016

Barcode printing wristbands apply in the modern Internet.

Medical barcode printing wrist strap is attached to the patient’s wrist, wrist strap with important information about the patient’s identity, can effectively guarantee the hospital staff to rapid and accurate identification of patients at any time.
1, medical applications of barcode printing wristbands: medical wristbands barcode printing is complete patient identification system important constituent, it runs through the whole process of in patients from admission to discharge.
2, registration in hospital. Registered for hospitalized patients, the patient information printed to patient identification, this is the first step, is also the most basic work. Is the foundation of the surrounding all patients in medical treatment activity.
3, infusion/dispensing medicines. Nurses in dispensing medicines and during infusion to the patient, need to check the label on each patient wrist belt to confirm whether the identity and to take measures to treat, this is the most basic work.
4, specimen collection. Before the staff for specimen collection, strictly implement the system of check, not based on bed number recognition, at least use two ways of identifying patients at the same time. When the clinical laboratory specimens staff not to use to register the handwritten, again with the help of the nurse station information can get all the information of the sample at once. The whole process from sampling to sample processing, very fast and accurate, and the hair of utmost ground to avoid the human error.
5, the emergency room. Will coma, delirious, no independent ability in diagnosis and treatment in patients with severe use “medical barcode printing printed wristbands”, as a means to identify the patient, and in the intensive care unit, emergency, neonatal intensive care and so on high-risk departments in the implementation.
6, the patient identification. Check the accurate, easy to use, reduce errors opportunities; Can record important content; Format specification, there won’t be missed; Improve the hospital management level.
7, outlook. Medical barcode printing the use of the wrist strap is a scientific and reasonable reforms, is a great innovation of nursing work, is also the development direction of modernization of hospital management, scientific, human nature.

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