August 15, 2016

Are there any health risks associated with RFID applications and radio waves?

RFID applications

Large amounts of radio waves is believed to be harmful to human body and causes diseases such as cancer. However, the strength of radio waves used by RFID applications is similar to that of television and radio, hence it is safe to say they carry no significant hazard.

The follow are some RFID applications’ field .

  1. Logistics & Supply Chain Visibility
  2. Item level inventory tracking
  3. Race timing
  4. Attendee Tracking
  5. Materials management
  6. Access Control
  7. IT Asset Tracking
  8. Tool Tracking
  9. Kiosks
  10. Library Systems
  11. Laundry Management
  12. Interactive Marketing
  13. RTLS (Real Time Location System)
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