May 25, 2017

New Market! Apple Pay will be log in Italy soon!

Apple Pay is the most emphasis service of iphone since release, now there have been dozens of countries and regions to support this function,Iphone also hope that more user can be added to the mobile payment platform.recently iphone is trying to expand the Asian and European markets,according to foreign media reports in Italy and Germany will be introduced.


Apple Pay (1)


According to the report of Italy technology blog, Iphone mobile payment service Apple Pay will be log in Italy market.Before this, we already heard the news about Apple Pay will be log in Italy. said, they have come from three different sources of retail and banking sector has carried on the conversation, this three sources have been confirmed independently, and Apple Pay will be launched in Italy on this Wednesday. But according to other source, the exactly time of Apple Pay launched in Italy still not confirm yet, at the same time, we found that Iphone has begun to show some retail store “accept” Apple Pay in Italy on the map.

Start from March, the official website of Iphone in Italy has been already set “upcoming” for Apple Pay, so Apple Pay just need a little bit more time for log in Italy. after Apple Pay log in Italy, will support Visa and Master card, and the cooperative bank including Unicredit, Boon and Carrefour Banca.

Recently iphone updated the cooperative bank and card issuer support files for Apply Pay of Asia-pacific region, there is a picture about Europe, it is showing that Italy is highlighted. Foreign media MacRumors found a stored color image on Apple server, this makes we can see that Italy has been highlighted easier.

Apple Pay

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