July 17, 2018

The advantages of rfid in unmanned retail scheme- you have to know it

Advantages of rfid: RFID technology has solved two points about the unmanned retail.

Advantages of rfid: One is high performance-price, help operators quickly occupy the market with low-cost. The second is remould system platform for many years, it has strong stability and compatibility, reduce failure effectively, reduce maintenance cost.

In recent years, rfid in retail stores has been extremely hot, which is regarded as an important model of new retail. Unmanned supermarkets, unmanned containers and other rfid applications with rfid technology have successively appeared in our daily life. In a future of soaring labor costs, no-duty, auto-pay, self-service solutions will undoubtedly be favored by retailers.

 rfid in retail stores

rfid in retail stores

Currently, there are two main unmanned retail solutions according to terminal identification technology:

  1. Install hundreds of high-definition camerasin the store, through video recognition technology to settle accounts, advantage is don’t need to increase the cost of goods, but the disadvantage is that error occurs when goods stack, also a lot of camera installation costs are not low.
  2. Add RFID tags ongoods, read through sensors at exits and settle accounts. The advantage is precision and is not easy to make mistakes, and the disadvantage is that products will increase the cost of RFID tags.
rfid applications

rfid applications

In recent years, the development trend of rfid technology is getting better. The cost of rfid is also declining, and the major retail giants all choose the second option after another.
The advantages of rfid have been known by more and more people.

Unmanned retail requires excellent solutions and more stable rfid hardware products, including rfid tags, rfid antennas, rfid readers and so on.

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