January 28, 2016

A Special Honor: Outstanding Contribution Award From Alibaba.


Some times ago, the chairman of Chuangxinjia Mr. Wu won an award by Alibaba.
2015 Alibaba dream cross-border electricity supplier base. Outstanding Contribution Award.
As we all know, Alibaba as a huge brother in foreign trade industry, get the honor is not easy for us, this years our chairman Mr.Wu took a lot of time in the airplane, he need to go all over the country to give lectures to the staff of Chamber of Commerce.
Since our company use plate as a channel of wide business, Alibaba and Chuangxinjia had a close cooperation, we could get a win win situation. And this is the second time we get the honor from Alibaba.
Next, we will work harder, with better products and services to our customers feedback.

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