December 1, 2017

A hot story of American girl and her dad ride in China’s high-speed rail

A very hot story in China recently

China’s high-speed rail

Recently, an American girl and her dad ride in China’s high-speed rail video are very hot in China and foreign countries SNS.

China's high-speed rail

China’s high-speed rail

Father and daughter take the high-speed rail from Hangzhou back to Shanghai, they bought only two business class seats. They both are astonished by the luxury configuration of business class. Dad is introducing the equipment to daughter in video, automatic door, automatic seats etc. The girl is feeling very surprise and always saying:” Wow, oh my god!”

China's high-speed rail

China’s high-speed rail

Now, daughter began to experience the automatic seat,  high technology and large personal space amazed her again. She said: I love business class. And her dad told: as long as you are happy, that is what I want. We can feel that her father love her a lot!

China's high-speed rail

China’s high-speed rail

The new four great inventions of China

We proud of China strong high-speed technology. And the netizens lists the new four great inventions:

  1. High speed rail;
  2. Mobile payment;
  3. Online shopping;
  4. Sharing the bike.

Our motherland is really strong now.

And this video is very hot in the network, also many people“like”it. A lot of netizens are admired her, and leave the message to her:

Hope you will have a nice trip in China!

She is very cute!

This is a very unforgettable journey!

And there are some piquant friends said: Did you know you get on the micro blogging hot search?

Except this video, her dad already uploading dozens of videos about Chinese life in Beijing, Shanghai Hangzhou and other places.

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