September 29, 2016

A Good RFID Label Manufacturer In China


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allows an item, for example a library book, to be tracked and communicated with by radio waves. These are also known as smart labels; they consist of an adhesive label that is embedded with ultra-thin RFID inlays. And its memory can be customized in 1K or 4K to record information of library books such as its title, type, author, specific remarks and borrowing records. Besides,the RFID labels can facilitate checked-in and checked-out security in RFID library management system.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. is the major leading RFID label manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years production and R&D experience. Mainly products: rfid card, rfid tag, rfid wristbands, rfid blocking sleeve, rfid keyfob, etc. Customize a RFID card according to your requirements with us.

As the name suggests, RFID labels use radio waves to identify tagged objects from a distance — usually just a few feet, but sometimes up to hundreds of feet away. Inside the typical RFID label you’ll find two components: an antenna to receive and transmit signals, and an integrated circuit to process signals and store basic information. Passive RFID labels, the type most easily used for direct labeling purposes, can be as thin as a sheet of paper. Recently, chipless RFID labels have been developed, allowing RFID labels to be printed inexpensively directly onto specific assets.

Interestingly, the antenna needs to be 80 times larger than the chip itself — which is why if you peel the packing off an RFID label, you’ll see parallel silvery lines surrounding the chip in the center. That’s one reason for the coming explosion of RFID label use: they’re already cheap, easy to use, tough, and stable, and they’re only getting more so. Keep in mind, however, that in most cases RFID labels are already in use for these purposes — and if they’re not, they soon will be. An RFID printer is used to print the labels with an individual barcode, library logo, etc. However, no library RFID products are currently available using the new standard.

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