August 15, 2016

What Is Contactless NFC Card Emulation Mode?

Bandai announced not only a hilarious title for its new Dragonball trading card game , but also an innovative new feature that’s a first for the world of trading cards. Coupled with the Tasker app, you can use a NFC tag to do a TON of useful things and can do several things at once that might not otherwise all fit on a single tag (they have limited storage). NFC is a technology standard that is used to transfer data between two devices at close range (usually within 4 inches of one another). Google will also send you a physical card to use in places where they do not accept NFC payments. And iPhones can ONLY use the NFC chip for Apple Pay (that means without transferring data and NFC tags. If the ID cards use NFC, then it’s possible for them to clone the ID card to their phone and pay with their it.

Dude, android has had NFC payment for a while now, not to mention the fact that android NFC can do a whole lot more than JUST pay, which is all your iPhone 6 can do with NFC. You need to have their reader installed, but then you can combine using standard RFID cards with NFC devices. The RFID chip embedded into these cards allow you to simply wave your card in front of a scanner without taking it out of your wallet.

Wallets are a better way to ensure you are protected, and easier to keep all your cards in without having to carry around multiple altoids tins. These standards ensure that data on items such as passports, drivers licenses, and credit card remains secure. Right now, NFC hasn’t hit the mainstream yet in terms of usage, but it’s the potential that’s made it so popular.

Presently FareBot can parse and display balance and vocation history information from Seattle’s ORCA card , and can dump raw data from any other MIFARE DESFire card including San Francisco’s Clipper card FareBot is open-source and designed to be flexible so that hopefully other developers will add support for other types of cards. Transit agencies across the board should do a better job explaining to riders how the cards work and what the privacy implications are. That said, the security of some older fare cards has been compromised possibly allowing someone to alter their balance, though I am unaware of any attacks against DESFire.

If you’re a developer and interested in exploring what’s stored on cards around the world, I hope you’ll check out the source code and contribute. Remove the hassle of plugging your SD cards into your device just to see what they contain and how much spare capacity they have. With the world’s first NFC SDHC Card from Toshiba, you can see what’s on the card without having to plug it into your camera or card reader. With up to 32GB capacity, the Toshiba contactless NFC card offers enough space to store your high resolution images.

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