January 11, 2016

What is an ‘RFID wristband’?

A RFID wristband  is a durable and waterproof wristband that is preloaded with your ticket and is scanned to gain entrance to the event. Please do not put on your RFID wristband until you are ready to go to the event. It will not loosen up if you do put it on, you’ll have to cut it off and get a replacement at Customer Service when you arrive at the event.

RFID is a radio frequency identification, RFID wristband technology is the use of radio frequency identification wristbands. In the above conventional wristband into a single chip, through the RFID reader to read the contents, the contents can be read in a long distance, so they know the information of the wear the RFID wristband.

Chuangxinjia offers RFID wristbands in a variety of materials, such as silicone wristbands, paper RFID wristbands,woven wristbands and plastic wristbands. We can customize them to include your logo and we have a various range of color offerings. We have RFID wristbands for point of sale, keyless hotel rooms, access control & security, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty programs, and waterproof environments. Our goal is to help design a securely-sealed wristband that can reliably store and transfer data. Call one of our RFID experts to assist you in choosing the right RFID wristband.

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