August 23, 2016

UHF RFID Tag Is The Coming New World Order


UHF RFID tag referred to as microwave radio frequency tag and microwave frequency bands commonly used electromagnetic emission principle. This kind of UHF RFID tag commonly used electromagnetic coupling principle like LF cattle RFID bolus High frequency typical operating frequency is 13.56MHz.

Find great RFID products through the ISO9001 quality system certification, and access to advanced technology enterprises may help customers buy tags and inlay more rest assured. Compared with the traditional label products, paper to the volume of materials based on RFID tag production process to be complicated. First, the product specifications have very stringent requirements, must meet the global standards for RFID tags.

UHF RFID tag production another feature is the need for double-sided die, the label will have a positive die, easy to paste it ripped luggage at the same time, it has a reverse side of the die. In addition, RFID tags increase productivity, reduce production costs is a challenge. Someone has concern that people can steal your personal data when you use UHF RFID tag.

RFID processing equipment in all industries has very complete application solutions, and to excellence Design Concepts and stable product quality has won wide praise. In the equipment selection process in addition to wonderful Company taking into account the good reputation and RFID equipment success story in China, chose to promote the introduction of line the main reason for better or wonderful UHF RFID tag to solve the production problems that existed in the process.

RFID products are a lot of processing equipment is the single-channel production, and RFID composite multi-channel parallel processing equipment produced a good solution to this issue, which devices the growth of RFID Laundry tag production capacity while reducing production costs.

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