August 22, 2016

The Intellegent Custom RFID Key Tag Plays A Significant Part In Security Access Control System

RFID key tag

In modern society, RFID key tag, as a kind of mature and stable RFID products, has been extensively used into a variety of access control applications, such as hotel room, meeting attendance, government offices, hospitals and so forth. For example, a door may be unlocked with a swipe card, an RFID key fob, or through¬†biometric means. The Skokie Locksmiths’ Wireless Alarm Systems come complete with motion detectors, remote control key fobs, contacts, and high-tech control panels that blend together functions of controller, receiver, sounder and keypad in some systems. Key tips: All secret keys should be removed from the undisclosed outdoor locations, providing only one of the duplicates to the house keeper. Plastic Key Tags can be used for Membership, Discount & Promotion, Gift and Loyalty Card applications.

Unparalleled fulfillment service and multiple order discounts mean fast turnaround and big savings to the most competitive prices for plastic card and custom RFID key tag combos, name badges, RFID cards, mifare 1k card, lanyards and more. Some hospitals are even using key tags for patients where the patient’s medical history is easily accessed by using a bar code reader to scan tags attached to a patient’s key chain!

This is the time of card technology and they offer the latest and the best quality card printers that are offered for various business as well as promotional cards, credit cards, ID cards, smart cards, memory cards, RFID cards, contactless cards and different types of card readers. And if you do care about your customers, car key tags become a necessity for keys to be organized and traceable. Now, it’s not hard for us to see that key tags benefit for both us, not only customers but for businessman. In our daily life , CXJ key tags are available in a variety of styles and are used by businesses to organize keys or as a promotional giveaway to clients and potential customers.

Petroleum companies were one of the first business sectors to embrace the technology of the key tag by creating the ‘speedpass’ that allows customers to quickly gas up, swipe their key tag at the pump and be on their way. Fortunately for you, I spent half a year researching the best RFID and keypad door locks for a business I worked for, so I’ve already done the legwork for you! RFID: This is closer to a traditional key system, in that you need a FOB or card in order to open the door. It’s a very slick and smart system that does away with the need for both keys, codes and RFID key tag.

And beyond that, there’s a traditional key in the center as well, so you can get in no matter what technology you prefer to use. This particular model is a deadbolt with a digital keypad attached to it, but it’s also programmed to accept input from RFID tags, so you can use an appropriate FOB or card to gain access if you don’t feel like punching in numbers. Schlage is well known in the lock and security industry, and they have a full-featured lineup of powerful electronic door locks, including keyless entry and RFID offerings. It’s really handy if your hands are full of groceries and you can’t be fiddling with a key.

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