April 5, 2016

The alientechnology successfully held 2016 China roadshow activities

21/23 / March 25 in the afternoon, the alientechnology 2016 China roadshow in sofitel wanda Beijing, “Venice hotel in shenzhen and Shanghai pullman hotel held a grand, three games event brought together nearly 450 from the RFID tag manufacturers, packaging business, agents, distributors, system is set into traders and end users such as enterprise’s elite and industry experts. On the roadshow, Alientechnology ideas about its latest product, market, industry development trend has carried on the detailed explanation, for industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises Benefit a lot.

The event sponsored by united national sales director Mr Yang Junliang on science and technology, Yang always first to thank you all friends, and said as one of the leaders in the field of RFID UHF, Alien is committed to the popularization and promotion of RFID UHF application, through strengthening its technical means, increasing product performance and reduce the product cost, and continue to launch innovative products and applications. Alientechnology at this year’s roadshow is supported by many enterprises, market feedback is good. Chinese RFID should use a vast market and associated technology will develop the Chinese market with peer enterprises, and for more customers with high-performance, low-cost products, to promote the progress of the RFID industry, achieve win-win cooperation with Chinese enterprises. Yang always hope that through this roadshow, the scene of the attending enterprises can, Italian league is willing to take the more open posture and a wider range of localized service and common development and progress.

Mr Yang Junliang means united national sales director

Alientechnology senior marketing director Neil Mitchell for RFID market development trend, the application of RFID in the field of logistics, retail speech. 04, said Neil in RFID technology research and development, the application of emotion between 13 years market booming and retreat, RFID has experienced the development of the high and new technology shall be nowadays RFID technology application has begun to enter the mature stage, the future is the RFID market. Neil refers to the UHF chip output in 2016 or 6 billion. In addition, there is also a data point out that, in the field of retail clothing tag usage for 300 million, 2011, 2016 to 4.7 billion; And 2011 global label usage for 12 billion, the global label usage will reach 209 billion in 2021. We can find that, the RFID technology application with mature technology, cost reduction, the size of the market is constantly enlarge.

Alientechnology senior marketing director Neil Mr Mitchell

It is important to note that in the field of RFID application, RFID technology massive application of industries including retail, logistics and the characteristics and the two industries have very big concern, turnover, variety. Neil said that RFID technology can be applied to warehousing, transportation, distribution, handling, distribution processing, such as the logistics business process, application does not require users to abandon the original process and system, only need to add electronic tags that can be, easy to use, efficacy significantly. For retail, RFID application can to inventory, reduce inventory, improve customer experience, reduce costs, increase sales.

Alientechnology senior r&d director Mark Mr. McDonald

Alientechnology senior r&d director Mark McDonald explained the read and write the company’s products, its main products include: ALR – 9900 +, the ALR – 9680, ALR – 9650, leisure, leisure – 9010-9010, ALR – F800. Mark said, meaning the read/write device products designed for the typical complex in real life environment, these devices can be in the worst condition showed strong and durable, not easy to damage and high stability performance. Alientechnology also launch ALR – F800, speaking, reading and writing, it is an enterprise capable of self-optimization reader product, USES the product user to be able to deploy the best EPC Gen 2 solutions, such as retail, supply chain, manufacturing, asset management and asset tracking.

Alientechnology global product manager oasis is introduced in the activities of the company’s products, through their own experience of chip design, telling the Italian league chip upgrades, and announced that the company’s latest products Higgs – EC forthcoming. Oasis, points out that the RFID chip market main direction into the vast application and special application, vast application areas such as clothing, retail, logistics, the application of this type of low technical requirements, special application fields are intelligent transportation, aviation, security certification, to high technology, storage requirements (domestic seem to prefer such applications).

Alientechnology oasis global product manager

Alientechnology this release of product Higgs – EC did not continue before chip of label (Higgs – 2, 3, 4), but for the individual named. The abbreviation of the EC for Self – Correcting the Memory, is for the correction storage function. Higgs – EC is the world’s first since the calibration function for low-power chips, adopts the new framework of storage time, speaking, reading and writing can change, self-calibration and stable storage time for 50 years, written more than 200000 times, and solved the problem of the mass loss of stored data in application. The chip also supports dynamic authentication algorithm, and has the function of the clone. Research and development of oasis, said the company the next step will support China standard, the target chip products, believe that the Higgs – EC launched will bring a surprise to the RFID industry, to assist the industry progress, promote the development of industry.

In view of the UHF RFID technology matures, oasis published their own views, and points out that there are three main future UHF RFID technology and its development direction, orientation, encryption, sensor integration.

Associated technology application technology manager Chen yuan up

Alientechnology application technology manager Chen yuan up on this activity focuses on the meaning of the union of Inlay products and label design issue to consider. Chen yuan up said, meaning more than 15 years of experience in chip and label design, and is the only chip design, label, read and write device hardware vendors, rely on the symbiotic relationship of these techniques, has the outstanding advantages and status in the field of RFID. At present, the company’s main label products are based on the chip of ALN Higgs – 4-97 xx tag series and based on the Higgs – 3 chip ALN – 96 xx tag series, widely used in apparel, retail, logistics, industrial and other fields. In view of the problems in the design of label, Chen yuan up, points out that the design of the label like balloons, optimization of some indicators, when you can affect other indicators, main label design issues to consider are spectrum, reading area of sensitivity, backscattering properties, label use environment, labels, size, material, etc.

Through this activity, strengthen the industry understanding of the Italian league RFID series products of science and technology, improve the overall understanding of the RFID market development, in the event as a platform, deepening the RFID and the connection between the upstream and downstream enterprises, promote the common progress of the RFID industry.

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Alientechnology was established in 1994, is headquartered in silicon valley, is innovation, radio frequency identification technology and products in the industry experienced high quality suppliers. Provide conforms to the EPCglobal Gen2 ISO/IEC 18000-6 – c standard of uhf passive rfid chips, inlay and labels, fixed and handheld reader and all related services. Products in the consumer goods, retail clothing, manufacturing, transportation, airport and material flow, the government and the department of defense and other fields a wide range of applications.

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