March 2, 2016

Samsung Pay will into China and NFC will really be so hot?

Payment market becoming more and more popular, Apple Pay just into China soon, and the Samsung Pay announce into China . Like with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is a virtual phone card pack, there are already Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy Note5 two phones can use the service.
Foreign manufacturers join us, stir domestic payments market structure.
With the improvement of the functions of smart phones and related services, more and more people shopping through mobile devices ,For some consumers, mobile phone is there wallet.
Domestic payment market, Alipay Alibaba Group and Tencent’s WeChat occupy the top two. Apple Pay into China, will be paid market is considered to have a significant impact on China Mobile. The first is because Apple has a considerable user base in the Chinese market, followed by pay its flash feature comparison suck the eye.
Samsung Pay is Samsung introduced a mobile payment application, supports magnetic stripe payment and NFC near point, the underlying technology, and Apple Pay is almost the same. After Apple Pay into China, Samsung Pay also followed rear to enter the Chinese market, both of which will undoubtedly become a competitor, and the entire Chinese mobile payment market will also change.
Mobile phone manufacturers spoiler, NFC will really hot?
This mobile handset makers pay close undoubtedly also has considerable allure. There are statistics, in 2015 China the third-party mobile payment market transactions reached 9.31 trillion yuan, increase 57.3% than 2015.
In fact, in payments industry, NFC has a natural advantage, for example, it can not be subject to mobile phone network, has power and other restrictions. Some experts said that the mobile phone manufacturers to enter the field of mobile payments is also facing many difficulties, including the business model for the card-issuing bank, clearing institution accepted payment habits and whether accepted by consumers, as well as supporting the mobile payment related equipment transformation and popularization. From that perspective, the need for a dedicated device when receiving such a mating restrictions, can be said that NFC is better to pay popular reason treasure micro letters.
The whole industry chain will benefit from NFC.
Even so, Apple will push back to a focus on the NFC technology market indeed. The NFC payments with burdensome chain, from the phone OEM start, NFC chip supplier, COS suppliers, eSE providers are required to participate in mobile phone design, after the mobile phone OEM coordination among suppliers, but also a problem of mobile phone production test yield of . Seen in this light, once the NFC payment technology hot, the whole industry will be the beneficiaries.
While Apple Pay and Samsung Pay  into China caused a litter controversy, China mobile payment market will show a new pattern, however, under many constraints, NFC short period of time I am afraid is difficult to form the climate, To compete with Alipay.

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