March 21, 2016

RFID technology is applied to the BIGBANG concert

On March 17, 2016, “2016 BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR IN ZHENGZHOU, hosted in Henan province sports center. Facing huge pressure, Damai network use the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into the entertainment industry, through the introduction of new technology and new products, do one hundred percent of security fraud prevention and control, and get a great success.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, with radio frequency communication is a non-contact automatic identification technology. Can identify specific target by radio signal, read and write the related data, without identification system and establish a mechanical or optical contact between specific objectives. Contact one of the most important advantage is identified, it can penetrate snow, fog, ice, paint, dirt and can’t use the bad environment of reading bar code labels, and reading speed, in most cases is less than 100 milliseconds. Is widely used in international logistics, manufacturing, public information service and other industries, can significantly improve the efficiency of management and operation.

Damai net of RFID technology is embodied in two aspects. First of all, the paper ticket upgrade, are embedded in each ticket paper one the world’s only authorized by the Damai net issuance of UHF RFID chip module. Second, recount equipment upgrades, using professional RFID handset testing the effectiveness of the RFID chip in the paper, to avoid being cheated muddling through. Through this means a higher level of security, more effectively prevent fraud, ensure consumers’ legal rights and interests are not violated.

The anti-terrorism act in January 1, 2016 formally implemented, after the local public security department attaches great importance to the application of new technology, and give the support and cooperation. The scene of the security and fraud prevention and control Fruit has been praised by the public security department. Zhengzhou BIGBANG concert on 17 March 19 a.m. start on time, 14 points outside a sports center in Henan province has a large number of fans wait in excited, because the tickets are already sold out, gathered at the gate of a large number of cattle. Under the guidance of the public security department, the official start of the 17 o ‘clock the recount, handheld RFID recount set with RFID Damai recount brake machine combination, fast and efficient check-in, fans and orderly approach, intercept fake ticket success rate of 100%. Is the escort concert smoothly.

In the future, Damai nets will also the successful experience of the zhengzhou BIGBANG concert, copying to more other large project site. Expected this year will RFID technology application often net more than 50% of the project, Damai network will continue to keep this way of innovation, introducing more new technology and new applications to the ticketing system, ensure that the organizers and consumers’ rights and interests are not violated.

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