January 21, 2016

RFID industry has improved in 2015, but less than expected

Recently, Junqi Lin wrote a article about RFID & NFC technology industry in 2015. Now, let’s look back his forecast last years.
Prediction 1: apparel retailers will continue to use RFID technology
This is not a bold prediction. Most retailers know that the value of the technology, so the popularity of this technology is inevitable. Kohl and other retailers are beginning to announce large-scale deployments.
Prediction 2: a large non-apparel retailers will start the whole industry supply chain RFID plan
This prediction has become a reality. International sporting goods retailer Decathlon use the technology. But it is disappointing that I did not see any other non-apparel retailers deploy the technology industry (many pilot projects in progress).
Prediction 3: project deployment by large retailers driving news, all industries will have an interest in RFID technology
This year, I did not see the non-retail sector has significantly increased the number of RFID projects, but I believe they are on the RFID technology has generated interest.
Prediction 4: The continued expansion of the Airbus RFID project will promote the popularity of the aviation industry RFID technology
Likewise, I also no specific RFID penetration of digital aviation industry, but I do see more and more applications industry RFID project. Meanwhile, the author of the International Air Transport Association meeting RFID and paperless operations, see the RFID technology business had a tremendous interest.
Prediction 5: RFID industry will continue to welcome mergers and acquisitions wave
Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions business division, SML purchased Xterprise, some small businesses have closed down, and this obviously has become a reality.
Prediction 6: Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will continue to wait and see
Sadly, this prediction has become a reality. Big companies still continue to wait RFID technology.
Prediction 7: Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and IBM Business Consulting Services will continue to ignore RFID technology
Interestingly, the use of IBM IT infrastructure many customers have adopted many RFID projects. Other companies have similar circumstances, but to a lesser extent. Maybe when customers growing interest in RFID technology projects, these companies will also increasingly interested in RFID.
Prediction 8: venture investors will return to the industry
This prediction does not come true. Although the VC circle of RFID has increased interest, but the investment is still very small. These are obviously change when the market rebound will occur.
Prediction 9: Things will continue to cause concern
On this point the author is clearly wrong. I believe that in 2015 things hype will peak, but the contrary, these are mostly negative hype, many news articles are concerned about the safety of things. Things technology even into the abyss faster than RFID.
Prediction 10: US economic growth will slow uncertainties RFID project deployment
2015 economy is good, but not perfect. Hard to say how many projects are delayed because of political factors. Thus, political and economic influence than the author predicted to be small.
Overall, the predicted overall fairly successful.

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