FUDAN FM11RM08 13.56mhz rfid wristbands 1K elastic woven rfid bracelet

Elastic Woven RFID Bracelet

Product Name: Stretch Woven RFID Wristband
Model No.: CXJ-RFW023
Company Brand: CXJ
Material:Polyester and nylon
Size: 185mm x 25mm / 160mm x 25mm
Printing: Customized



Elastic Woven RFID Bracelet:

Stretch Woven RFID wristband also name as elastic woven RFID wristband is made of ultra-comfortable, 100% polyester material and stretches which  could be adjust to wrist size. RFID stretch wristband is adjustable size, removable, re-usable, and water-proof. Very ideal for multi-day use or season pass programs


Elastic Woven RFID Bracelet Specifications:

Wristband Strap:
★Material: Polyester and nylon materials
★Custom Printing: Full color dye-sublimation printing inside/outside wristband surface
★Dimensions: (Circumference x width) Height 25mm . length can be 140~210mm, length can be customized
185mm x 25mm: Ideal for large adult wrists
160mm x 25mm: Ideal for youth and small adult wrists
RFID Inlay Wrap:
★Material: Made of a special mix of nylon and cotton materials with enclosed RFID chip to reliably store and transfer data
★Printing: Custom LOGO printing
★Custom Serialization: Up to 8-digit variable data or Tag UID laser engraving on back of the RFID wrap supports guest registration or social media programs

★RFID Chip: LF, HF, UHF all available


Elastic Woven RFID Bracelet


Elastic Woven RFID Bracelet

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