August 12, 2016

NFC Bracelet Increase The Durability For Crowd Control In An Inventive Way

NFC bracelet, as a new type of RFID products, are recently upgraded by DAILY RFID which operates large factories with advanced production equipment. When the 1,000 ticketed guests entered the Lobster Rumble, they were given a bracelet that had the URL /vote on it. Attendees could register their unique bracelet code with their Twitter and Facebook profiles, a process that took about two minutes; about 20% of attendees did so. Aside from that little hurdle, the Tagstand bracelets were smooth sailing.

Attendees could tap their bracelets against signage to check in on Facebook or to tweet preset phrases at the various sponsored booths like Cooling off with some Häagen-Dazs ice cream at the 2012 Tasting Table Lobster Roll Rumble.” Sponsor Don Julio, which created four specialty cocktails for the event, had a voting wall next to its bar that let guests tap to pick their favorite drink.

In 2014, Frank Lyaruu , Senior Technology Architect at Sendrato, recently gave a talk at ApacheCon Europe about the Tomorrowland bracelets and the system behind it. He was kind enough to share the slides he used during the presentation, you can find them here It seems that the presentation was a little more focused on the software stacks of the servers running in the receiving antennas, but it still gives us some more info about the wristbands themselves.

Tagstand , the YC-backed company focused on making NFC a more mainstream technology , is getting some action at a pretty big black-tie event in New York this weekend which will see its technology used to enable some nifty actions for the 3,500 guests, like tapping to tweet, posting pictures to Facebook and registering likes” for the cocktails they’re drinking.

The intelligent magic bracelet is a Wearable electronic components, operate the mobile function and share the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology , The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, no need for any external power energy, high waterproof, and suitable for any people at any time.

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