April 14, 2017

An Elderly Lady Selling Watermelon Even Uses Mobile Payment, Why Nobody Uses Apple Pay?

Why are WeChat payment and Alipay so popular in china, while Apple Pay is unloved in China?

Recently Apple Inc CEO Cook visited BeiJing, the president of Tsinghua SEM Qian YingYi set up an exampleof mobile payment, which is a common sight in China: there is one thing deeply impressed me, oneday I walked in Tsinghua campus, saw an old lady selling watermelons, what she used was mobile payment. It touched me very deeply at that time, perhaps you can’t see the scene in America, neither in other places.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Cook tactfully replied:” this is a good thing, she doesn’t need to consider whether there is enough loose change, she needn’t consider whether the money she received is counterfeit money.

Certainly,Cook appreciated the scene to be polite: “I think these small events in daily life actually are significant, I very admire the foresight in this aspect, seeing the potential and move forward quickly.

Then Qian YingYi mentioned that Chinese mobile payment develops so vigorously that it even exceed the development of America and Europe in this aspect, and he asked how Cook comment on it.

Cook said that mostly this attributes to the tradition, American and European are more used to use credit cards! Change of scene is not change of nature, using credit card has become a habit in Europe and America, American businesses are also not willing to adopt mobile payment.

As for in China, why does mobile payment develop so rapidly? Cook thought that some small enterprises or startups in China are very active in this aspect, and Chinese people are easier to accept the change, so China develops well in this field.

Actually, speaking of mobile payment, Apple Inc pushed out Apple Pay in America as early as 2014, and this service entered into China on Feb 18, 2016, However, up to this day, no matter in American market, or China market, Apple Inc felt awkward for both users and market shares.

So why are WeChat payment and alipay popular in China, while Apple Pay is unpopular? This is because Apple Pay is not open and convenient to use.

After all, Apple Pay only supports iPhone, and must be iPhone6 version equal or above it. In China, android occupies more market share, including samsung, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, etc, while Apple Pay currently doesn’t support. Which to a large extent, it lost most Chinese users.

On the other hand, Apple Pay is a mobile payment function based on NFC, it requires not only smartphones to support NFC, but the recipient needs to provide corresponding equipment, merely this point, the recipient is limited to the merchants, and even for merchants, it will add the extra equipment and costs, so this might not be easy.

Thinking about it for comparison, you just need to scan the QR code with paypal or WeChat to finish paying, in which RFID technology is applied, no matter for merchats or personne, it is very convenient, while Apple Pay is based on NFC chip technology, click here to know more about nfc chip in detail, adding hundreds of millions of installations for alipay and WeChat, who would try the complicated Apple Pay? Therefore, it is almost inevitable for the failure of Apple Pay in China.


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