March 9, 2016

How to use the features of phone NFC?

With the rapid development of the smart phone industry, the smart phone’s built-in functions more and more, some time ago, a conference redefined “black technology”, which is defined full-featured NFC in order to “black technology”, but NFC It has appeared on the phone for many years, but not hot. The first one NFC phone was appeared in 2004 named Nokia 3220.

What is NFC functionality?
NFC is a short-range data transmission technology, the feature with respect to the traditional Bluetooth and infrared data transmission and other functions have advantages and disadvantages, is currently one of the mainstream of the short-range communication technology. NFC offers a simple, touch-based solution that allows mobile phone users to exchange information simple and intuitive way to access content and services.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of NFC ?
First, in the present situation, most of the time the phone is mainly used for NFC mobile payments, in terms of safety requirements are more stringent, the use of hardware encryption technology, safer than Bluetooth.
Secondly, in the process of paying the host needs to read the card information, if the phone’s NFC module likened card, then this communication is called passive communication.
Android Beam data transmission:
Two devices with NFC close together, you can transfer data to the NFC, Bluetooth may not be significant compared to upgrade the transmission speed, but eliminating the Bluetooth pairing time, relatively simple. But on the other hand, from the NFC technical characteristics we have just listed can be seen, NFC transmission distance of more stringent restrictions must be strictly controlled within the range of 10 cm; the same time, the compatibility of this function is not good, different brands of mobile phones often there will be transmission incompatibilities, so use this feature experience greatly reduced.
NFC smart tag:
We mentioned earlier, NFC technology is a passive near-field communication, which also led directly to the emergence of NFC smart tags. For example, using NFC card serves as a key access, meeting room door of NFC smart tags Users can set the phone to sweep the conference mode, and private car place in a NFC smart tag also allows users to quickly switch to driving mode.
Mobile payment function:
In fact, as a very convenient way of information exchange, NFC true function is to enhance the mobile payment convenience. Now in use Huawei Pay, Apple Pay and the upcoming Samsung Pay contain both near-field communication NFC payment function, in addition to bank cards instead of credit card services, users may use public transport through the brush the way the phone

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