April 22, 2016

How to choose the appropriate RFID products?

In April 7th-8th 2016 the solstice RFID world conference, Mr Li published titled “how to choose the appropriate RFID products” keynote speech, from the RFID tags and read/write device selection, product performance and application of industry standard three aspects to do a in-depth analysis.

RFID tag and read/write device selection

First of all, from the material determines the performance of the difference, it is mixed base material, glue and other aspects of the comprehensive factors; Secondly, is the effect of multiple tags, from 1 to 9 card label group of reading test found that single label will decrease performance, with the increase in the number Third, is the direction, because the label read distance changes with labels and the change of the Angle of the read/write device; Fourth, performance related with reading and writing, because the tag reading distance can changes with the change of the read/write performance.

The importance of product performance consistency

If qualified label is only 97%, in practical applications, such as inventory rate, no matter how to also can’t more than 97%. This is also why the user is always complaining about leakage on read and find out why.

Thus, to reduce the happening of this kind of situation, need to set the label by means of fixed frequency test sensitivity limit will be effective to select the appropriate TAB. High speed test system requirements, general test speed can reach more than 3 w/h; And accurate, and the near field test curve and the far field test curve is consistent.

Standards for industry application

Truly effective RFID application problem statement should be: 1. The need to have a set of test system will say all the influencing factors of application are taken into account, to form a set of compatible test of all kinds of application programs; 2. Widely used industry need targeted put forward the requirement of the product performance indicators; 3. Need to purchase even if they don’t understand the technology also can clear expression of the demand, and choose the suitable products.

Consistency among them, the tag performance testing of sampling has three characteristics: high speed, test speed can reach more than 5 w/h; Accurate, near field test results consistent with the far field test results; Good compatibility, can cooperate frame manually or independent testing.

Mr Li introduced the current has been published or in the end, the RFID industry application standard: 1, GS1Tagged Item performance Protocol, 2. AS56781A Passive RFID Tags Intended for Aircraft Use, 3. Automotive electronic identification standard, 4. State grid corporation measurement using electronic label specification. He also said that the division is the willing to actively participate in related application and industry standards, promote the development of the RFID industry together.

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