March 28, 2016

China’s first industrial demonstration 4.0 production line, the RFID tag is indispensable

Davos BBS in early 2016 “control the fourth industrial revolution” as the annual theme. The fourth industrial revolution as a “physical information fusion”, for the fourth time the industrial revolution. In particular, such as electricity and WeChat super level mobile application entry in the rise of the last two years, one can meet the individual needs of users and consumers, a new smart manufacturing chain connected clients and manufacturing are forming.

What the smart manufacturing chain look like? SAP with shenyang institute of automation of Chinese academy of sciences has spent nearly a year’s time, joint development of the first 4.0 demonstration industrial production line, in 2015, by the end of the world Internet conference outward show for the first time.

From electricity and WeChat entry directly connected to the backend software defined production line, from the local industrial Internet to transatlantic services in the cloud and big data processing, China is in the forefront of new industrial practice.

1 smart manufacturing scenarios in the future

Customization model car as example, the smart manufacturing model production line has formally settled in shenyang shen from the inside of Chinese academy of sciences, is an 8 x 8 metres simulation production workshop, including a variety of devices – five sets of mechanical arm, two sets of 100 sets of automatic DaoYinChe, WIA – FA industrial wireless devices, etc.

Ordinary consumers can be based on the SAP e-business suite Hybris build e-commerce sites, mobile phone user interface or directly in WeChat public order number, can choose different models according to their own love and car body color.

After orders generated, relevant information that is passed to simulate the car manufacturing enterprise ERP system. ERP system will be based on the current order situation, corresponding to complete to prepare production materials, production planning and production cost, etc.

After the ERP system to complete the production plan, will be the work of the corresponding notice o MES manufacturing execution system, sent to the factory by MES orders to factory production line.

MES to automatically select the highest priority order, and factory production lines to receive production order information, will send a product tray and RFID tags on equipment. All the information associated with the product record in this unique RFID tag, each procedure, the production of the workstation information interaction with RFID tags.

The whole demonstration line a total of 7 process, involving six production workstation, there are two mobile spare production workstations. Production line at full capacity, can automatically call mobile spare production workstations into the production system, and when the idle capacity and remove the spare production workstations out production system, in order to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

If the device fails, each production equipment maintenance personnel use their phones to scan qr code, directly pops up 3 d maintenance guidance; Through smart glasses connection on Skype, can with the remote technology experts consultation.

2 the three key technologies

The industrial demonstration line 4.0 what key technology demonstration? SAP China dean shui-cheng lee said the demonstration line to achieve the basic idea of industrial 4.0, including three integration, personalized orders, flexible production, industrial cloud and big data and so on, especially in the production line by integration of cloud services is located in Singapore, truly reflects the global integration of smart manufacturing.

Now the discrete manufacturing industry, appeared more and more personalized user requirements. This personalized configuration requirements for the backend manufacturing link, has brought great challenges. The traditional rigid production, production line once installed it will be difficult to change.

In addition, now a lot of product life cycles are getting shorter, transformation and upgrading of traditional rigid line of time-consuming, production line to update speed is far behind the speed of product updates.

Second, from product orders, production planning and material preparation, production line adjustment, the whole process is mapped to a virtual space, information in virtual information space reconstructed the client to the production of the manufacturing process.

Third, the production equipment of real-time data is transferred to the SAP HANA cloud service center is located in Singapore, through the local big data processing of equipment fault diagnosis and real-time prediction.

Based on the monitoring data of production line and on the cloud service platform to build all kinds of algorithms, can predict the equipment fault time, fault location and fault types, sharply reduce the downtime of production line, at the same time extend the using life cycle of the equipment.

End of January 2016, SAP China research institute signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese academy of sciences, further expand the scope of smart manufacturing model production line, the digital product collaborative design, production to maintain the whole process included, such as industrial comprehensive practice mentioned 4.0 internal longitudinal and transverse between industrial chain and product life cycle all end-to-end three integration, and the corresponding results in the form of solutions for manufacturing enterprises.

Now, smart manufacturing is not the future, but is happening in the future.

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