December 28, 2015

China Telecom releases 2016 NFC mobile phone allowance plan

600 million customized incentives
phone with NFC
On December 17, China Telecom held the Terminal industry’s 2016 partnership strategy conference, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Group company high celebration, 2016,
the Terminal is expected to add 100 million mobile users, and incentive bonus for the Terminal
to reach 7 billion yuan, pushing annual 4G user from this year’s 60 million to 160 million.It is understood that in order to promote enthusiasm for Terminal, China Telecom “sacrifices”
out of 7 billion yuan policy incentive plan, is divided into seven main categories. 1, 2.2 billion
yuan Development Fund, for excellence 100 terminal of sales incentive; 2, 600 million Yuan
custom Fund, for 4G, and NFC, and encryption, and on told phone, custom machine of incentive; 3, 150 million Yuan debut Fund, for excellence 100 Terminal in national range within of unified listed; 4, 150 million Yuan to old for new fund; 5, 400 million Yuan channel straight fill fund; 6, 500million Yuan underwriting Award Fund; 7, value 3 billion yuan of flow cooperation fund,main for application features phone. Which features custom incentive of 600 million Yuan.Customized Award for telecommunications within the function 4G, NFC, encryption, intercom
function, with each reward 20 yuan, 20 additional incentives on the basis of 10 Yuan.

Just a few days ago, China Mobile has just released the year 2016 Terminal planning, through
the development of 100 city buses, 100 school enterprise card applications, expanding the NFC
scenario, constructing the NFC ecosystem, NFC 10 million users and plan 16 development. Take the form of white card into the boxfor NFC mobile phone terminals with 15 Yuan services fee.

By contrast, this plan there is no emphasis on NFC Telecom business layout, Terminal
customized reward with the NFC, but 20 plus 10 yuan bonus no lower than the mobile. Today,
UnionPay and Apple pay, and Samsung pay reached cooperation, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay
into China also dust fell set, cloud Flash pay and more has two big heavy players, industry also
are talk about up “sweep code sent” and “Flash pay sent” of showdown, this had to let small
series somewhat worried operators are of situation, NFC technology industry of development also need the
industry of fusion total into.

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