March 14, 2016

About uniqueness of RFID tags

RFID tags (also NFC technology) are a built-in chip, have their own ID. And each has a separate UID rfid tag label usually is a certain kind of product with a RFID tag (a unique ID) bound together, is a binding part of the relationship between them is like to an individual is assigned a unique ID number, with the UID, to avoid fraud phenomenon.

In the early label is no serial number, and later Each tag has a unique ID, can also be interpreted as the ID number, and this is a unique ID manufacturers apply to an organization, does not appear RFID tag reuse or corresponding to a plurality of product labels, the current cost of an RFID tag is probably about one or two cents.

Why RFID tag can be used as a globally unique code?

First, RFID tag encoding is follow certain rules; RFID tag is followed EPC encoding rules.
EPC stands for Electronic Product Code, Chinese called Electronic Product Code. EPC RFID tag is a vector, and using the Internet to achieve the transfer of information. EPC every single product is designed to establish a global, open identity standards, and worldwide on a single product tracking and tracing, in order to effectively improve supply chain management, reduce logistics costs. EPC is a complete, complex, integrated system.

Electronic Product Code (EPC coding) is an international organization launched a new generation of product bar code encoding system. The original product bar code is only the product classification code, EPC codes are for every single product is assigned a globally unique coding, EPC encoding 96 (binary) mode coding system. 96-bit EPC code, for 268 million endowed companies, each company can have 16 million product categories, each type of product 680 million independent product code, the image that can be assigned for each grain of rice on the planet a unique encoding.

Summary: The traditional bar codes do not have unique, it is easy to be copied, and not able to play a real security, anti-fake effect. And rfid tag unique (unique id), can not be copied, it can not be false.

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