March 11, 2016

2019 NFC users will reach 930 million consumer fingertip test information security

NFC payment is gradually becoming public. Consulting firm Ovum recently public its latest mobile payment industry report predicted that by 2019 there will be close to the world’s 1.09 billion people use mobile proximity payment service, which will have 939 100 000 is accomplished by NFC payments.

Under the mobile payment market ushered in the explosive development of the background, the CUP, operators, Internet companies have joined the fray. Recently, ApplePay brought into China UnionPay, which is a near-field payment system based on NFC technology Apple built; and the new release of M 5 hand regain the previous M 4 dropped in NFC. With many manufacturers gradually rising enthusiasm for NFC, payment security issues in the field also have to mention. The last obstacle in the industry chain parties to work together, solve the security problem, remove the popularity of mobile payment is also a key difficulty.

In 2019 there will be nearly 930 million NFC user swept

NFC is becoming a battlefield of many enterprises battleground. Recently, a group of consulting company Ovum latest mobile payment industry reports an impressive number.

According to Ovum predicts that by 2019 there will be close to the world’s 1.09 billion people use mobile proximity payment service, which will have 939.1 million to complete the payment via NFC. The total turnover of mobile payments (either NFC payment or non-payment NFC) will achieve rapid growth in this period of time, it grew from $ 4.77 billion to $ 141.21 billion.

Also including online payments and mobile devices P2P transfers, etc., subscribers worldwide mobile payments in 2014 will be increased to 6.8999 million in 2019, 4.77 billion.

The proximity mobile payment refers consumers to use their mobile device to your POS terminal will use NFC, Bluetooth or QR codes and other ways to pay. “To promote the development of mobile payment main factors include business support NFC contactless payment terminal POS terminal more and more, the EMV migration in the United States played no small role.” Ovum’s principal analyst Eden Zoller consumer payment represents.

Operators, China Mobile 2016 Development NFC 10 million customers, with emphasis on the field of public transport, urban public transport through the development of one hundred applications, 100 school-enterprise card applications, expanding NFC application scenarios, build NFC ecosystem; while China Telecom is 6 one hundred million yuan fund incentive custom features to create the end product; China Unicom more refined and focused in a particular scene to do some application development.

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