January 22, 2016

2016 mobile payment battle: three major telecom operators have their own characteristics

By 2015, mobile payments began quietly changing people’s spending habits, Alipay and Wechat PayU have a great rapid development of Internet companies but more violent than the operators in the mobile payment development process, but each has its own characteristics, China Mobile focus In the field of public transport in 2016 , while China Telecom is in the terminal phone, China Unicom will focus to do some application development in a more detailed and specific scene.

China Mobile: 2016 Development of NFC technology transit customers 10,000,000 focus areas

“China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference”, the vice president of China Mobile Sha Yuejia represents 2016 NFC plans to develop 10 million customers, pushing the mobile phone standard NFC, L + C functions, and hope that manufacturers will be NFC-USIM card into the box and will offer 15 yuan / NFC business gratuity households.

China Mobile in 2016 will focus on public areas. “Bus transportation applications is 2016 devaluation of China Mobile NFC applications. Providing public transportation applications entrance for China Mobile 800 million customers. Bus operator with the provincial mobile NFC credit card form local public transport solutions.”

China Telecom: 600 million yuan fund incentive customized features to create the end product

2015 July 29, China Telecom and China UnionPay jointly launched 4G-NFC mobile payments and new products. China Telecom to open up “CUP zone” in its 4G-NFC mobile wallet client, mobile phone users through the “zone” can easily be downloaded CUP cooperative bank card to the phone card,

In the just-concluded “2016 China Partner Conference telecommunications terminal industry,” Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom introduced, China Telecom will strive to build on NFC, encryption, intercom, video, shopping, games and other features differentiate the nine characteristics of the terminal product.

China Unicom: focus on more detailed and specific scenarios do application development

With a focus on public areas of China Mobile, China Telecom focused on different subsidies, China Unicom, try to do some application development in a more detailed and specific scene.

Ministry will also publish based on near field communication technology 13.56 trillion, and a mobile terminal, the non-contact point of sale terminals, smart cards jaw within branch security module, mobile terminal security and other aspects of the test methods and requirements, and will soon be tested.

People’s Bank of China Institute of financial information Li Xiaofeng, said: “China’s mobile payment market in 2016 is facing a big change in the situation, in the face of competition of Internet companies, NFC payment industry should unite behind the front NFC temporary situation, future development remains NFC have the opportunity to present, Alipay, Wechat PayU mobile payments accounted for most of the market share of traditional logic thought it might be operators, banks, mobile phone manufacturers are actually more important. “

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