March 17, 2016

“2015 RFID annual selection of the world” Award voting data released

March 16, 2016, hosted by the International Association applications and trade, RFID industry authority media “RFID World Network” and “Internet of Things World” co-host the “Guangdong-HongKong RFID Industry Alliance”, “Guangdong RFID Technology Service 2015 (ninth)  “Shanghai RFID research alliances” and other major Union institutions jointly organized the RFID annual world named officially announced.

The spirit of “fair, just and open” principle, the selection group put a lot of energy and time, after more than two months of intense work. Through “Network users vote”, “Wechat users vote,” “enterprise vote”, “media votes” and “experts vote” together selected the RFID tag Business Awards, RFID reader equipment enterprise Award, active RFID enterprise Award, RFID systems integration business award, RFID chip enterprise award, RFID production enterprise Award, RFID cutting-edge enterprise award, RFID international brand award, RFID success application Award , RFID innovation Award and other awards .

The selection of activities for the public service sectors contest, a summary of RFID industry in 2015, establish a good business model for China RFID industry and expansion the popular of China’s RFID industry in other industries .

The follow is the vote consequences of RFID tag enterprises award in 2015. Shenhen Chuangxinjia smart card co.,ltd earned the honor.

It’s a great honor to our company, this approve come from our clients, our same industry, media and industry experts, we have a reason to believe we will have a brilliant future.

Here i want to share this exciting information with you, and we promise we will do our best feedback to our clients with our best products and best service give you best experience in Chuangxinjia.

Any question, please email us.

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