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May 11, 2018

Can I do silicone NFC wristband for door access and payment both functions?

Customer of customized silicone NFC wristband visit our company Hello guys, thanks for coming again to read my article, this is Shelley again. Today I will answer your question about “can I have the silicone NFC wristband for door access and payment both functions”? Do you have any idea for your project? Warmly welcome our Spain […]

RFID case
January 23, 2018

Custom RFID Animal Tags Management Solution for China Government

RFID Animal Husbandry Management Solution RFID Animal Tags Welcome Guizhou provincial government people come to visit Chuangxinjia RFID company Shenzhen headquarters in 18 Jan. Thanks for coming to talk about RFID animal husbandry management solution. It based on RFID animal tags product and technology to proceed traceability and other series management of livestock product. Attendees: […]

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November 30, 2017

Experienced RFID manufactures help you to buy the perfect products

about color printing RFID manufactures 1. Confirm color with customer One of our customers was very particular about the CMYK color printing for their project. When placing the order, they asked that the color must be the same as their design. Otherwise, they would be unsatisfied with the order. Upon receiving and checking the design, we noticed that on […]

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November 28, 2017

Let RFID tags technology help you to increase work efficiency

Internet of Things profile RFID tags technology 1. What is the Internet of Things? “Internet of things (IOT)” is use network to connect daily supplies, products and electronic equipment together. Then through the software system to collect and exchange data. Because to build the IOT need to use a variety technology. Including RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Devices), […]

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November 9, 2017

How to use RFID Disposable Bracelets to improve Medical Management?

1. Project Profile RFID Disposable Bracelets Now the medical care system in continuously improving. The hospital information degree has greatly improved. Most big hospitals are using the Hospital Information System already (HIS). The medical service level has improved after applied HIS system. But currently still exiting some problem in the HIS system didn’t solve. For […]

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November 1, 2017

How RFID NFC label work for retail purchase-sales-inventory management

RFID NFC label fit in retail industry. How they work for retail purchase-sales-inventory management? RFID NFC label   1. Project Profile With the technological development. The computer operation and management become simplified increasingly; and computer knowledge also become popularized increasingly. At the same time, the market economy changing fast and the competition is intense also. […]

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October 20, 2017

Do you know this Fixed Assets Management RFID Solution

1. Project Profile RFID solution Fixed assets management system is characteristic on material object management. It is a practical management software to make hard things simple. Using RFID Solution technology to solve the problem often appeared as material object does not accord with financial records in fixed assets management. It helped enterprise financial account management […]

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August 11, 2017

How to use Chuangxinjia RFID tags in Clothing Industry

Project Profile Item:Chuangxinjia RFID Tags Clothing Management Solution Chuangxinjia RFID tags In recent years, with the development of information technology, the competition of garment industry becomes more and more fierce, the enterprise from the simple cost behavior competition has evolved into the competition of production efficiency, logistics reaction chain and the intelligent management of the […]

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August 7, 2017

IC Card Management Solutions

Project Profile: The campus IC card has become an inexorable trend of campus management. The goal of the digitized campus is built into the backbone platform of the “campus card” system, identity authentication, consumption in the campus, administrative affairs management, all those subsystems are built on this platform. The system goal is given a card […]

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