January 2, 2019

RFID store mananment system with uhf rfid asset tags

What is rfid store management?

rfid store management

rfid store management

RFID store management system, is based on RFID identification technology for goods identification tracking, management and inspection of goods information platform. The system combine advanced RFID identification technology and computer database management query , automatically identify information. The application rfid store management can greatly save human and material resources, convenient management, improve efficiency and accuracy, but also facilitate the statistics of data.

RFID store management system is composed of card labeling, outbound management, inbound management, allocation and shift, inventory inventory and additional functions. Outbound management system includes outbound cargo application, outbound cargo identification, outbound record transmission. Warehouse entry management system includes warehouse location allocation Settings, unloading items identification, warehouse entry record management.

Traditional warehousing, useing manual way to record,which is cumbersome, inefficient, prone to error, and relatively high cost, especially inconvenient  to statistics and management. RFID store management system is used to implement the whole process control and management of each link of warehousing, and RFID electronic label management can be realized. Standardized operation of the whole receiving, delivering and other links is removed. Manual input steps are removed to solve the problem of outdated and lagging warehouse information. The combination of RFID technology and information technology helps enterprises make reasonable and effective use of warehouse space to provide customers with the best service in a fast, accurate and low-cost way.


system construction:

1.RFID tag:

use uhf rfid asset tags to identify the distance;

Choose one-time, non-recyclable labels, low cost;

Label information shall include: product name, place of origin, model, manufacturer, date of delivery, date of warehousing, etc.

2.RFID tag printer

3.Fixed reader

4.RFID handheld terminal:

upgrade the original barcode gun to RFID handheld terminal, which can recognize bar code and electronic tags.

RFID case ,
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